Earth Day Made Easy: Simple Tips for Living Green

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, we’d like to pass along simple tips to follow that you can easily start incorporating into your day. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t take much time or effort and every little bit counts!


Start Your Day:

1. Conscientious Caffeination: Brew “certified” coffee. USDA Certified Organic coffee means that it was grown using sustainable standards.

2. Take it To Go: Bring your own thermos to your favorite coffee joint – most give a discount! We especially like this one.

3. Brown Bag It: Cut down on the many to-go containers and wasted plastic! Plus this is a much healthier alternative – make your lunch the night before and use reusable lunch boxes (we are especially loving the ones by Mr. Bento).

Reusable Bag

On the Go:

1. BYOB: Bag that is. From groceries to your next mall trip, keep reusable bags in your car and in your purse. We LOVE the super mini eco-friendly bags by ChicoBag, check them out here (they come in a variety of colors and fold up to fit inside the tiniest purse!).

2. Pump it Up & Slow it Down: Driving 10mph above 60 can add 50 cents to your price per gallon! Also be sure to check your tire pressure – pumping them up to the appropriate gauge can increase your mileage by 3 percent.

At Work:

1. Two-Sided Situation: Double up your printer paper by setting your printer to print double-sided (so much paper is wasted daily for non-formal documents). Also be sure to use unused paper as scratch paper for notes rather than having a notebook!

2. Your computer needs rest too: Save energy by making sure your comp and monitor are set to sleep mode if you know you’ll be away for more than 10 minutes.

power plug

Before Bed:

Shut it Down: It’s a no-brainer to make sure all the lights are turned off, but always turn off all electronics and make sure they’re plugged into a UL-certified power strip so you can shut them off all at once (and there aren’t any phantom electrical charges).

We hope these easy eco-friendly tips help and are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine! For more tips you can go here, plus be sure to let us know your own green living tips in the comments below:



Mastering the Maxi: One Skirt, Three Ways

Why are we so obsessed with maxi skirts? Simple – they’re easy to throw on, dress up or down, they’re super comfy, and they’re warm weather friendly. Did we also mention that they make us feel like we’re on vacation no matter where we are? Here’s how to master our favorite spring trend and switch it around so you can wear it all season long!

Casual Chic: Sweet summer look perfect for a casual date or lunch with friends.

Niki Biki Tank TopLabyrinth NecklaceNYX Nail PolishPromesa Maxi SkirtCity Classified SandalsExtreme Fashion Gold Bracelet

Clockwise: Niki Biki Razor Edge Tank, Labyrinth Necklace, NYX* Nail Polish in Grapefruit, Extreme Fashion Bracelet, City Classified Paul Sandals, Promesa Chicest Edge Maxi Skirt.

The Moto & The Maxi: Add a little edge with this classic moto jacket and booties!

Regulators Moto JacketGlitz and Glam TankPromesa Maxi SkirtBeaded Beauty NecklaceBrag H BootiesMake Love Not War Bag

Clockwise: Thread & Supply Regulators Moto Jacket, M. Rena Glitz & Glam Tank, Promesa Chicest Edge Maxi Skirt, Love Not War Bag, Brag-H Booties, Beaded Beauty Necklace.

 Beach Babe: Cute & cropped! Perfect for a day at the beach.

Luch Lace Crop TopRight on Target EarringsBoardwalk Tote BagPromesa Maxi SkirtNYX Navy Nail PolishCity Classified Falcon Sandals

Clockwise: Lush Lace Beauty Crop Top, Right on Target Earrings, Boardwalk Tote Bag, City Classified Falcon Sandals, NYX Nail Polish in True Navy, Promesa Chicest Edge Maxi Skirt.

What other looks can you make out of your favorite maxi? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out more must-have maxi skirts here!


Recipes For Easter Brunch!

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d do a roundup of our favorite recipes that will wow your guests for Easter brunch (yes, even your vegetarian friends!)

Baked Eggs With Spinach and Mushrooms

Baked EggsDeb over at Smitten Kitchen is one of our favorite food bloggers. One of her latest postings, we can’t get over how delicious this version of baked eggs is! The perfect combination of rich and filling without being overwhelming or heavy, this dish will have your guests, meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, begging for more!

Roasted Butternut Squash, Prosciutto and Sage Quiche

Butternut Squash QuicheThis gorgeous quiche recipe comes courtesy of Food 52, a great food blog with really beautiful pictures. This quiche turned out light and fluffy with hints of rich butternut squash and salty prosciutto, it was a total hit.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross BunsIf you haven’t checked out the amazing recipes over at Zucchini and Chocolate by now, you are really blowing it. Her rendition of Hot Cross Buns were incredible, and with white chocolate, pistachios and dates, these will be a hit with your guests of any age!

Baked Bacon Apple Oatmeal

Baked Bacon Apple Oatmeal This little number is a delicious twist on a classic baked oatmeal. With sweet apples and a hint of savory bacon, this recipe is one of our all time favorites. Coming from one of our favorite food blogs, The Darling Apartment, you’ll love the way these flavors work together. Try it out now, before summer hits and it gets too warm for baked oatmeal!

Breakfast Tagine

Breakfast Tangine Last but certainly not least, one of our favorites from To Food With Love, Breakfast Tagine! This dish serves up all our favorite tastes. Rich, hearty and a little spicy, this dish will satisfy your cravings for lamb, and the wonderful addition of eggs keeps it feeling a little more breakfast-y.

What are your favorite dishes to serve for Easter? Share in the comments below!

Stylist Picks: Celebrate Earth Day in Style

Soft neutrals, florals and vegan-friendly accessories! Earth Day is just around the corner and our stylists have picked out their favorite new spring items that we hope make Miss Mother Nature proud. Decrease your footprint, increase your spring style!

Peace & Love:

Miss Me Peace TankPeace Charm NecklaceLove TankMake Love Not War Bag

Clockwise: Peace Love Tank Top by Miss Me, Peace Charm Necklace, Love Not War Bag, Tribal Love Top by Runaway Fashion.

 Flower Power:

Fresh Fields of Daisies RomperLotus Charm NecklaceWildflower TopKlique B Floral Jeans

Clockwise: Fresh Fields of Daisies Romper by Lush, Lotus Flower Charm Necklace, Flower Print Skinny Jeans by Klique B, Wildflower Tank Top by Kingdom B.

The Birds & the Bees:

Garden Party Tank TopHoneybee BeltSky ToteSparrow Charm Necklace

Clockwise: Garden Party Top by Sis Sis, Honeybee Belt, Sparrow Charm Necklace, Sky Tote Bag.

Easy Neutrals:

Beachside Babe BlouseCity Limits PurseAu Natural SkirtRock Revival Sepia Jeans


Clockwise: Beachside Babe Blouse by Blu Pepper, City Limits Purse, Sepia Skinny Jeans by Rock Revival, Au-Natural Skirt by Alythea.

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day? Click here for more of our nature-inspired collection, plus stay tuned for green living tips as we head toward the big day on April 22nd!

Stylist Picks: Warm Weather Ready

Spring is in the air and for those lucky enough, it’s full-on music fest season. Whether you’re skipping through fields of flowers or rocking out at Coachella, our stylists have gone through hundreds of new items to narrow it down to these special pieces that will have you warm weather ready!

The Hills Are Alive! Feminine, flirty and fun spring dresses.

Leopard Day Dress by GuessLacy Affair DressCross My Heart Dress

From left to right: Leopard Day Dress by Guess, Lacy Affair Dress by Ark & Co, Cross My Heart Dress by Lush.

Crop Full of Color: The cutest crop tops of all with unique prints and colorful embroidery.

Let's Get Festive TopTeardrops from Heaven Tube TopEye on the Prize Crop Top

From left to right: Let’s Get Festive Top by Flying Tomato, Teardrops From Heaven Tube Top by Flying Tomato, Eye on the Prize Crop Top by Flying Tomato.

Sweet Shorts: High-waisted, cutoffs and prints, oh my!

Flying Monkey High Waisted ShortsSis Sis Printed ShortsGuess High Waisted Shorts

From left to right: High-Waisted Shorts by Flying Tomato, Diamond of My Eye Shorts by Sis Sis, The High-Waisted Shorts by Guess.


Ready to run through wildflowers or head to the nearest body of water? Let us know which warm weather items you like best and what you would pair them with!

Sleeping Beauty: Tips For Waking Up Beautified

Sure, it would be great to naturally wake up looking like this…but for most of us we may feel more like this in the morning:


Real talk: we’re busy and it takes us giving up the snooze button to have enough time to feel like a million bucks by the time we step out the door. Never fear! The key is quick, easy steps the night before so you can truly catch up on your beauty rest.

1. Save face.

Your mom was right! Cleaning your face before you go to bed is one of the most important things you can do. Studies have shown that make-up and smog residue that builds up on your face during the day can lead to acne and even (gasp!) wrinkles. Take the two minutes you need to clean your face with a mild cleanser, or if you’re traveling or too tired you can always use handy make-up removing towelettes. After, pat on your favorite night cream to your face and neck. We recommend this anti-aging cream with skin-boosting Retinol.

 2. Braid it up.

Wash your hair the night before and apply a dab of styling cream – then braid it up! In the morning, undo the braids, add a spritz of styling spray (we love this one) and bam…beach babe! Doing this provides soft, natural waves and eliminates frizz.

3. Humidify.

The lazy girl’s guide to moisturizing your skin with no effort. We love this discreet, stylish humidifier that could pass for a vase! Without much more than pressing a button, humidifiers soothe and hydrate your skin while you sleep.

4. Sleep like a mummy.

Bad news for all you tummy sleepers, sleeping on your stomach can cause puffy eyes and irritate the soft tissues on your face. By sleeping on your back in a slightly elevated position, you won’t have any fluid retention in your face.

5. Invest in a silk or satin pillow cover.

Yes, it might sound a little over the top, but this is truly worth it. In case you do roll over, having a soft silk pillowcase is less likely to cause wrinkles and also helps with hair breakage.

What do you think? Are these tips easy enough to follow and have they worked for you? Post in the comments below!



Sweater Weather: Stylist Picks

Springtime…GET HERE ALREADY. For many of us we’re still feeling the chill and patiently waiting to break out the crop tops and cutoffs. In the meantime, here are our favorite new lightweight sweaters picked out by our stylists to get you through this awkward transition time. With so many cute ones to choose from, you may just want to bundle up a bit longer…

Pretty in Pastels:

Schoolgirl Crush Sweater

Schoolgirl Crush Sweater by Alythea

Primrose Cardigan

Primrose Cardigan by Sweet Rain

Funfetti Sweater

Make a Wish Sweater by Lush

Cropped & Cozy:

Dressed to Chill Crop Top

Dressed to Chill Crop Top by Solemio

Keepin it Cozy Sweater

Keepin it Cozy Sweater by Sis Sis

Sunset Fancy Sweater

Sunset Fancy Cropped Sweater by Sis Sis

Sporty Chic:

Tri Blend Hoodie

Tri Blend Hoodie by American Apparel

Eclipse Maniac Sweatshirt

Eclipse Sweatshirt by Curbside

Earn Your Stripes Sweater

Earn Your Stripes Sweater by THML

Which ones will you be sporting this spring? Don’t forget to take 25% off all sweaters and jackets through April 4th (promo code LASTCHANCE)!

Beauty Travel Tips: Pack Like a Boss

It’s that time of year! The months are about to fly by as we try to jam in weekend getaways and warm weather escapes. In an effort to get the most out of a much needed vacay, we’ve put together our favorite beauty travel tips for staying beautified despite dry recycled airplane air, limited packing space and remote locations.

 Make Sure You Mist:

Caudalie Face Mist

We love this Beauty Elixir by Caudalie so much we use it year-round. Especially wonderful after a long flight or anywhere that has a dry climate, this travel-size magical potion is part-toner/part-serum with active plant ingredients. Not only does it smell heavenly, it provides instant radiance. Available at Sephora.

Pack N’ Roll:


Think of your suitcase like a cake! The first layer should be soft rolled up items such as sweaters, underwear and knits (prevents wrinkling and saves soooo much space). The next layer should be folded garments such as skirts and pants, followed by a dry cleaning bag to keep everything in place. Finally, top it off with items you know you will need right away and lace your belts and shoes (follow this rule of three) around the edges. For more, read this great article from Real Simple.

So You’re On a Deserted Island…


It all sounds good in theory, however traveling to remote locations can be a little tricky when it comes to your regular beauty routine. Never fear! If you follow these simple tips, you will be beautified no matter where you are.

1. Replace your foundation with a moisturizer that does it all. Consolidate with this beautifying moisturizer that also has SPF. Foundation can dry out your skin a bit and is not practical, especially if you’re going to be out in the sun.

2. Naturally eliminate shine and skip the powder with these blotting papers. Easy and travel size!

3. That’s just my sun-kissed glow…start off looking like you’ve already been on vacation with this amazing shimmering highlighter. Great for a quick touch up on your cheeks and brows!

4. Pucker up with practical medicated lip balm to keep your lips moisturized, meanwhile use a lip stain and a little sheer gloss rather than long-lasting lipstick (which can dry out your lips and doesn’t last as long in warmer climates).

5. Long night? Didn’t sleep much on the plane? A quick pick-me-up for puffy eyes: grab some crushed ice and wrap in a towel to put under your eyes.

6. Make sure to bring enough hand cream – traveling and different climates can do a number on your hands. Plus, it can help eliminate effects of chemical grade soaps that you come across.

That’s it for now! We’re off to search for some travel deals now that we’re in the mood for a quick getaway. What are your go-to travel tips and products? Post in the comments below!

Celeb Style Spotlight: Festival Fashionistas

All hail the queens of festival chic! This week we’re narrowing down our favorite celeb music fest looks with budget-friendly alternatives. Pack up those rubber boots, sunnies and cut-offs and get ready for a fringe-filled festival season!

Kate Bosworth

Leading Lady in Lace: Kate Bosworth

Get the Look:


From left to right: Flying Tomato Let it Be Top, Lucy Paris Lace Shorts, City Classified Tevay Booties.

Vanessa Hudgens

Flower Child: Vanessa Hudgens

Get the Look:


Clockwise: Lush Ignite the Night Crop Top, Lush Seaside Summer Lace Kimono, Silver Jeans McKenzie Shorts, All Foiled Cuff, Studded Frances Belt.

Kate Moss

Pretty in Prints: Kate Moss

Get the Look:


Clockwise: Thread & Supply Top Gun Jacket, Jealous Tomato Misty Eyed Top, Rock Revival Jen Shorts, Love is All Around Hoop Earrings, Windsor Tan Belt.

Ready for festival season yet? Who do you think rocked it the best? Post in the comments below!

Spring Dresses: The Best of the Best

What’s one of the best parts about spring? The ability to wear fun, easy-to-wear dresses in pastel colors, lace and floral prints. Our heads are currently spinning from our latest shipment and we’ve decided to go through and pick the best of the best! Plus, with a little help from our stylists, we’ve put together complete looks surrounding these lovely new spring dresses.

First Date Lace Dress

First Date Lace Dress

How sweet is this lovely mint lace sheath dress? Paired with nude heels, a statement necklace and gold bracelet (as shown), this look is perfect for your next date night or spring wedding.

Poolside Breezy Dress

Flying Tomato Poolside Breezy Dress

Whether you’re jetting off for a beach vacation or just need something adorable to throw on for a pool party, this salmon colored dress features a super comfy, flattering fit and cream lace accents. Dress this up with large earrings and add a white tote for a perfect poolside look!

Perfect Day Dress

Flying Tomato Perfect Day Dress

The name says it all, this is our new go-to perfect spring dress! Featuring a bright, embroidered bodice and cream lace skirt, this dress really pops with minimal jewelry and a cute pair of wedges.

Lush Enchanting Orchid Dress

Lush Enchanting Orchid Dress 

Miami for the weekend anyone? We’re dreaming of sandy beaches and romantic island getaways when we look at this dress. With a simple silhouette and elegant orchid print, it’s easy to throw on and still make a statement. Pair with flats and a silver bracelet and you’re set!

Let us know which spring dress is your favorite! Also, don’t forget to snap a pic of yourself in any For Elyse dress and use #ForElyseStyle on Instagram to win a $100 gift card!