DIY Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and you don’t want to get stuck on what to wear a few days before! If you are on a budget or don’t have the money/will to spend a small fortune on a costume, here are some great easy DIY costume ideas that are a little outside the box! You will definitely turn heads if you dress up as one of these funny characters below!

Loofah Costume

Click on the link below for further materials and instructions:

How to Make a Loofah Costume

Aces High Costume

Simple white strapless dress


3 Yards of white fabric

White thread

Red or black thread

A few sewing needles

Safety pins

Iron on fabric and stencils

If you are making a dress it is actually really simple. Just take the white fabric and measure it to your body. Use the safety pins to pin up both sides of your body where it fits snug, leaving the extra fabric hanging. Hand stitch up the sides with the thread leaving in the safety pins as your guide. Once you have it fitted, cut out of the iron on fabric in the shapes of an “A”and whatever particular suit you choose. Iron on the pieces and just for some extra support, do a small hand stitch in the corners of the stencils. Pair with corresponding black or red shoes and you are ready!

Rock Paper Scissors Costume

For all the details on this costume set, click here and learn for the ultimate crafty blogger herself, Lauren Conrad!


Taco Bell Hot Sauce Trio Costume

This is a really fun one and I love it so much! If you and your girlfriends want to be hot sauces for Halloween, check out this like with super easy instructions and cheap materials at Becoming What I Always Was Blog!