For Elyse Down Under!

Riley In Australia

Our blogger Riley has been having a great summer hanging out in a different hemisphere–Australia! Here she is outside the Sydney Opera House wearing a For Elyse tank and a pair of Flying Monkeys jeans in Mocha! This is a perfect relaxed and comfortable outfit for a long day of sightseeing. Riley also gave us a bit of insight to her trip:

It was weird being there because it’s winter for them, so all their fashion was over sized sweaters and combat boots, which was months ago for us. I did also see a lot of lace and leather together. Pale pink lace sweaters and black leather skirts. Sydney feels so much like San Francisco. I also saw a lot of bright colored denim. So many men wore ruby jerseys there as well. Rugby is huge in Australia.  I was in Sydney on a beautiful warm day (like 60 degrees) so I got to see more fashionable pieces then I had seen previously (the first 5 days it rained, so we couldn’t do our volunteer work then).

Australia was wonderful, and I loved telling everyone about For Elyse. So many people asked me about it when I wore the tank top. The people there were so nice, and my volunteer group accomplished a lot!

It sounds like she had a great time, and we’re happy to see her spreading the For Elyse love! Thanks Riley!

Riley In Australia